Cleo. Maine, USA. 18.

I like playing instruments with my buddies, big sweaters, leopard print, old school arcades, white cotton dresses,freckles, dimples, birthdays, beach parties, floral wallpaper, drive-in movies, carrying around an upright bass,amusement parks, fairs, blueberries, bonfires, cuddling, moonrise kingdom, The Sundance Film Festival, Girls HBO, American Horror, harry styles, snapchat, Alex Turner, lacrosse, longboarding, tall skinny lanky hip boys, and records.

I like all of these things almost as much as I like trying to think about what to write in descriptions. Then proceeding to word vomit.
My whole entire 6th-8th grade life. 

My whole entire 6th-8th grade life. 

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Jun 22, 2012
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